Dear Editor:

I read your most recent issue "cover to cover" as soon as I saw it. I thoroughly enjoyed the articles, and especially “Me and My Big Foot” ( I haven't heard the expression "Ah, foot!" in years, and no, never outside the South.

Excuse me, I'm going back to reading the Reader editions I have missed. Please accept my lifetime subscription.

Oh yeah…love the watermelon!

Scott Yarbrough
Madison, WI

Dear Editor:

Thanks much for doing this...super high-end fun and style on the South. I have taken the liberty of forwarding to friends and family. Keep up the good work!

Jeff Kryder
Atlanta, GA

Dear Editor:

Thanks much for the Southern Reader. I really liked David Clark's article, "The Crow Stands for Law" ( It is something I believe as well, and it's not a popular view to have--whether about your own kids or about your animals or anything.

Ron Burch's forty-to-life article, "The Girl Next Door" ( also was wonderful. You have a great medium, and I thank you for including me in the list.

Linda Sinko
Kingsport, TN

Dear Editor:

Tell me, is your article on The Shaggs ("Philosophy of the Shaggs," ) fact or fiction? It can't be fact…can it? I have bookmarked Southern Reader.

When you are really in a pinch for copy, can I send you some great Tennessee legislative proposal?

Doug Overbey
Maryville, TN

Doug Overbey is a Tennessee House Representative (R.—Maryville, District 20)

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