Dear ePublisher:

Thank you for the work and time you put in to bring another issue. It seems like “the memoir” is taking over. It’s really become a popular genre. The graphics, as usual, were such a pleasure, especially the snake disappearing into the bathtub in Charlton Walters Hillis’ story, “Snake in the Bathtub.” I liked the story, especially the way her family acted like they couldn’t care less that there was a snake in the house.

I also learned from Anthony Holt’s “May Cats” piece that there are more than one kind of catfish: whites and blues and flatheads. Who knew?

My favorite piece, though, was Steve Newton’s “Decade-Dance in a Drag-Knuckle Bar.” It blew me away. This guy’s really good. He said so much in such a short space, too. And the way he built the suspense was so well done. I enjoyed the whole KKK thing, because no one ever writes about it (as if it isn’t part of the South). Now, the squid was a little weird. He had me going in the sudden trip to the beach. I’m no critic, but  a squid? Really. But he managed to tie everything together so that by the time he closed, it all made sense, and the story worked. I hope he sends more.

Marsha Mathews
Associate Professor
Dalton State College
(Author of Northbound Single-Lane and Hallelujah Voices)

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