E-Publisher's Corner
David Ray Skinner talks about cascading virtual tectonic plates of reality.

Life’s a Beach and Then You (fill in the blank)
Regular contributor Lisa Love illustrates why a day at the beach isn’t always a day at the beach.

A short story by Bettye H. Galloway about a young girl and her relationship with a special friend.

Guest Speaker
A poem by Marsha Mathews about a Sunday meeting that those in attendance won’t soon forget.

The Lesson
Georgia educator Randy Dobbs reflects on a valuable, yet painful chapter from his childhood school days.

All You Have To Do Is Dream
Writer Sylvia A. Nash talks about famed songwriter Felice Bryant, who, with her husband, Boudleaux, penned many incredible as well as unforgettable songs.

The Country Chickens
Marshall Lancaster reflects on the simple joys of playing in the “big game.”

Bad Snowball!
A short story about an unusual child and an unruly pet called Snowball.

The Camping Parachute
Kim Megahee’s reflective warning about the
multi-faceted dangers of backyard camping
in Georgia.

Curse You, Red Baron
Writer Ron Burch talks about his first—and almost, last—ride in a small plane.

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